The Big Church Day Out in Sussex took place in May, a time of worship and teaching. The sessions can now be viewed on GodTV, so if you are just back from the One Event in Lincoln and need a reminder of what it’s like to worship with thousands or you just want to be able to join in with worship, click on the links below and sing along!

General link to interviews and performances:
Big Church Day Out 2013

Matt Redman live at the Big Church Day Out
Matt Redman
You might be interested to know that Matt’s new live album ‘Your Grace Finds Me‘ is released on September 24th. He talks about the new album here. I personally can’t wait!
Interview about ‘Your Grace Finds Me’

Phil Wickham live at the Big Church Day Out
Phil Wickham
You might also like to know that Phil Wickham’s new album ‘The Ascension’ is also due for release on September 24th. Two great albums, one date to remember! Some of the new songs feature in the video; I particularly liked the song ‘When My Heart Is Torn’, which speaks of the transitory nature of our suffering in comparison to the glory to come.

Brenton Brown live at the Big Church Day Out
Brenton Brown

Rend Collective Experiment at the Big Church Day Out
Rend Collective Experiment
“In the kingdom of God, it’s not about uniformity but unity… We don’t follow a God who makes churches and people like Starbucks make coffees…There are so many different backgrounds, so many different ideas…”

Hillsong at the Big Church Day Out