Today we walked around the estate near Aldi and also prayed outside Highgate Primary School. Here are some photos from today’s walk:

Estates tend to be a lot bigger than they look from the main road, often being made up of lots of streets and avenues. We were reminded that what can be seen from the outside is not the whole picture; our inner life matters so much and we need to put down roots in Christ so that we not only grow individually but also so that the life of Christ then overflows to others. We were also reminded that generations matter to God: my own father attended Highgate Primary School many years ago and we live in a community where generations often stay in the same area and the blessing of God can be passed on from generation to generation.

This van reminded us of an important truth:

We all need to be ‘part of something.’ God wants us to be part of His family, part of His church, and part of His work in the world. As we pray and walk in our area, we are asking for God’s blessing on our community and for our church to reach out to our community with the love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ.