Stephen spoke this morning from Matt 23:8-12 about the words that we use. Often, we view ourselves from an earthly viewoint, regarding status and standing as being of utmost importance. When we think about ‘teachers’ and ‘fathers’, we tend to view these things with our own understanding of the importance of names and like to invest in these roles the authority and status we perceive these words to have. We have to be careful not to be limited in our understanding of the meanings of words, however, and need to recognise that there is power in the names of God which cannot be attributed in the same way to those bearing those names in earthly terms. God is so much more than any earthly role!

Sometimes we put people on a pedestal simply because of the job title they have. We need to understand that God has far more authority than any earthly figure and that there is a vast difference between earthly position and power and God’s position and power. Eph 4:6 reminds us that there is one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all. Jesus reminded His disciples that the greatest among us must learn to serve and that humility comes before exaltation, which is completely the opposite way round to how the world works. We need to recognise God’s authority and power in our lives and in the world and to place Him above everything else in our lives.