As promised, the Family Service last night continued the theme of ‘The Adventures of Igor’. Mark did a quiz where we had to identify where Igor (and his friend, Pepe, the peperami stick he had tried to consume…) were in the church building.

Later in the service we sang the ‘Ode to Igor’ (to the tune of Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacobana’):
“His name is Igor
He is a reptile
With spiky scales on his back
And he sometimes wears a hat.
His name is Igor
He likes to travel
To places far away
Eating chocolate every day.
Olympic things he’s seen,
Contrasting gold with green.
He is green and he is handsome,
Who could ask for more?”

Did you recognise the upside-down birthday hat in the photos above? We also had a birthday to celebrate last night: