This morning, Roger asked the question, ‘Where is church?’ So often, we associate the word with a building, with the place where we worship, and we often talk about churches as great architectural monuments to God’s glory. God does not view church in this light, however. He sees that ‘church’ is where HIs people gather in His name (see Matt 18:20). Jesus firmly debunked the idea that church is tied to a building when He talked about rebuilding the temple in three days, referring to His own body rather than to the building itself. (John 2:19)

The church is being built by God Himself (see Matt 16:16-18) and nothing can destroy this work of God (see also Eph 1:22-23). We need to fulfil God’s commands, showing love for one another as the chief means of testimony (see John 13:34-35). Wherever we meet with other believers in God’s name, there is church.