In tackling the subject of where people live and where God lives, Garry spoke from Col 1:24-27, which ends with the words about the mystery of God, ‘which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.’ God’s aim was always to live in His people, but for many years, this seemed a mystery. God now dwells in His people, the church; we are God’s temple. (1 Cor 3:16)

This is both an individual and a corporate thing. 1 Cor 6:19-20 makes it plain that each individual is a temple, a place God inhabits. The word used for ‘temple’ does not refer to the whole temple or tabernacle, but to the Holy of Holies, the inner sanctuary beyond the curtain, the place where only the high priest could enter, and enter only once a year. This was the place where the majestic presence or manifestation of God was – and it is this place which is used to describe us! We are so special to God, ‘Christ in you‘ is such a privilege and gives us confidence, hope and trust. He is the One who made the earth by His power and founded the world by HIs wisdom and stretched out the heavens by His understanding (Jer 51:15) and yet He wants to live in us, directing us to an eternal hope which never fades or goes out of fashion. God living in each one of us is an incredible blessing now, but is also the promise of much more to come!