In our Little Big Church tonight, Garry looked at places we live. Many people live in houses, but even these can be different types (terraced houses, semi-detached, mansions, bungalows etc.)

Some people live in high-rise flats:

Others may live in caravans or even in tents or barges.

Sadly, some people have nowhere to live and must sleep outdoors.

When the Israelites left Egypt, they were in the desert for forty years and lived in tents. Eventually, they made a Tent of Meeting where God’s presence dwelt. This was known as the Tabernacle, and was made to God’s specific instructions.

We had some tents for the children to hide in!

Later, when the Israelites had their own land, they lived in houses and the king even lived in a palace. David wanted to build a temple for the Lord so that He had somewhere beautiful to dwell, rather than a tent. The temple was built by Solomon, David’s son.

Sadly, the people came to believe that God only dwelt in that temple, but in truth, no one building could ever be enough to ‘house’ God. The New Testament teaches us that God does not dwell in buildings made by man, but dwells inside each person who receives Him as Lord. We become the temple of the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus as our Saviour. (1 Cor 6:19) God dwells in us! The church is not a building, but people in whom the Lord dwells.