Dinah Washington’s song ‘What A Difference A Day Makes‘ reminds us that situations can change rapidly. Three weeks ago we were celebrating Easter Sunday with joy and optimism, but it’s easy for us now to find ourselves fighting familiar frustrations and treating the resurrection of Jesus Christ as something that is relevant only once a year. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus’s resurrection can make a difference to every single day of our lives, but as John 20:19-31 shows, we need to encounter Jesus and receive from the Holy Spirit if we are to be changed from fearful, hopeless disciples into those apostles who changed the world.

Even after the resurrection, the disciples were initially terrified, hiding behind closed and locked doors. Their frail faith had shattered on witnessing the crucifixion and now they were bewildered by this news that Jesus was actually alive. We too can feel helpless and hopeless as they did, intimidated by a world that seems inimically hostile to God. We need to realise that Jesus can enter the hidden places of our hearts, that locked doors don’t deter Him and that as we experience His presence and power, we can be transformed.

Jesus gave His disciples peace and breathed on them to receive the Holy Spirit. His presence, living within us, provides the day-to-day sustenance and help we need. He came not only once to His disciples, but returned to give Thomas the opportunity to see and believe; He is still here to bring new life to us all. No barrier can stop Jesus, and the difference He makes to our days can never be underestimated.