Stephen continued his journey through Genesis last night, looking at the calling of Abram to walk with God (Gen 11: 27-12:9). We read of the journeys of Abram’s family from Ur of the Chaldeans to Haran and then onwards, a journey into the unknown, heading for the Promised Land. God’s calling was what made all the difference. Abram and Sarai, a barren wife, did not look promising material from which to build a nation that would bless the whole earth. Nonetheless, Abram’s simple obedience and trusting faith were key elements in the story of God which unfolds throughout the rest of the Bible. We too are called to follow God. We may have to leave all we know and set out into the unknown, but the fact that God is with us is what holds us steadfast in all circumstances.

God brings blessing and promise into our lives. Abram made the decision which changed everything in his life when he set forth on this journey of faith. He took up God’s challenge and set forth boldly, even though his final destination was uncertain to him. Hebrews 11:8, 13 reminds us of this journey, showing us how he made an altar everywhere he rested, understanding that he was only an ‘alien and stranger’ on this earth and was looking ahead to all that God had to offer. He truly is our father in faith.

We also had a belated birthday to celebrate!