We have had news from India, where we support Fredrick and Reeba’s ministries in Bangalore and around other areas in India.

Fredrick writes, “Pastor Tamilselvam lost one of his legs in an accident while he was on a ministry journey last year and still continues to walk with the help of crutches and walkers. He travels great distances preaching the Jesus to the nearby villages; some of the villages are without roads, hospitals, or bus services.

Tamilselvam sold all of his belongings and bought a small land to build a church 15years ago, in Synagunda village, Gudiyatham District. His ability to purchase a piece of land on a rocky hill was made possible by God. Today he conducts prayer meetings in his small house packed with people, but many of those who attend don’t recognise it as a place of worship and leave after their first visit. He has been worshipping in his small house for years.

Two years ago, in a Village Pastors meeting I met Pastor Tamilselvam, spoke to him personally and prayed with him. I had an opportunity again to visit his village last month. Personally, I paid a few visits to the Synagunda village and shared with our church elders and leaders, and prayed that if God leads we would support. Since 1st August our church congregation and elders were positive to go ahead in helping this church building. The foundation work started on 1st August. With all the offerings & gifts we receive from our friends and get in our church offerings we are sending to the church construction. To complete this church construction, yet we require 2000 pounds.

Since this village Church need our help we started special prayers and God’s direction and we believe that God would us to help Ps. Tamilselvam to complete their church in that village before the end of this year 2023.

Your prayers will surely, make a difference in these villages in the coming days. Thank you.”

Please let us know if you wish to support this church building project.

Fredrick also updated us on Amshika, the girl we support financially in India. Amshika is severely disabled and needs a wheelchair. Please pray this will become possible.