Garry spoke this morning from Ps 37:3-4, focussing on the primary need for Christians to trust God. To trust means to have confidence and security in God, to be ‘care-less’ because He cares for us. If we trust a driver, we will not try to be a backseat driver; we may even go to sleep in a car! Trusting God means we don’t have to be in control, because He is.

Trust is not something which we only need to become a Christian, however. God continually challenges us to trust Him more; our trust has to grow and deepen. We can only grow to the extent that we are prepared to trust God. We will never ‘arrive’ at the place of total trust, as God has always got new challenges for us!

The next part for us is to do good (see Acts 10:38). Our trust is manifested in good works, as we act like salt. 1 Pet 2:11-12 reminds us that as we live good lives before those who don’t know God, they can see our good deeds and glorify God. Jesus spoke of ways we can serve Him – by feeding the hungry, visiting those in prison, helping those in need. We are called to be like God so that we don’t just merge into the background but stand out as lights that shine forth.

If we do these things, then God promises we will dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Dwelling in the land reminds us of God’s promises to Abraham which were fulfilled by Joshua leading the people into the Promised Land. It required trust to cross the Jordan river and trust to overcome Jericho. Similarly, in every battle we face, we need to trust that the battle belongs to the Lord (see 2 Chron 20). God is our refuge. When we trust Him, fear cannot stand; fear is banished. Peter could walk on the waves while he trusted Jesus, but floundered when he failed to trust. (see Matt 14:29-30). We need to trust God that He will lead us to our promised places where we can enjoy safe pasture, ‘care-less’ because of His care for us.