Someone once said that the problem with the Bible isn’t really about understanding it all; it’s about doing what we know it says. It’s true that there is much in the Bible we don’t really understand or can’t fathom properly. Our studies in Revelation leave us with more questions than answers, it often seems. But I know that I myself have more problems with doing the things I do understand than with understanding everything.

I may not have clear answers on the identity of the beasts, the mark of the beast or what 666 really stands for (questions which can be found in Revelation 13), but I know what the Bible teaches about love and forgiveness, and I find it hard to love my enemy and forgive those who wrong me. There is much in Revelation 13 that leaves me baffled, but the call to patient endurance, faithfulness, wisdom and spiritual insight which are found there is something I can readily identify with. So perhaps I need to leave the things I don’t understand at the feet of Jesus (I’m sure He will enlighten me to the measure I need to live for Him) and work on the things I do understand.