Today’s household object is the television and the Bible passage is Mark 8:22-26.

Television allows us to see the world through new eyes, giving us access to the whole world. What we see can dismay and depress us or drive us to prayer; it can lift our spirits, make us laugh or cry, and can also teach us and inform us. As with so many things, it can be a good servant but a poor master; we need to learn to be wise in what we allow our eyes to see and our ears to hear, but we also need to appreciate the different viewpoints which this device can show us.

In our reading, Jesus healed a blind man in two stages: initially, the man saw people, but they looked like trees walking! This reminds us that we need to see the world through God’s eyes; we need spiritual vision and discernment as we view the world. Easter reminds us that what happened looked like failure and disaster to most people, but was actually all part of God’s plan for our salvation. We need to see as God sees.