Guest speaker Yan Hadley spoke on the theme ‘The Supreme Significance of Every Soul’ this evening. So many of our Biblical heroes felt insignificant or inadequate (Moses, Gideon, Moses, Jeremiah), but ultimately the people who know their God will be able to resist the enemy. (Dan 11:32)
We all have 4 basic needs:
1) the need to be loved
2) the need to belong
3) the need for worth
4) the need for meaning in life
The gospel speaks to all these needs, reminding us that God’s love drives out all fear and is unconditional, that we are part of His family and have significance (see Ps 8:3-6), that we are worth the death of His Son and have purpose in life.
We have 4 steps to help bring us into peace:
1) We must stop – this will mean refusing to listen to other voices which would mislead us and lie to us and take time to listen to what God has said, so that we are not destabilised, distracted or deceived.
2) We must start – finding out the truth of our identity as God’s children, His special possession
3) We must stay – remaining focussed on Christ, knowing our relationship with Him and being transformed by Him (2 Cor 3:18)
4) We must stand – firm and confident in God’s power, sure that He will complete the work He has begun (Phil 1:6) and that as we stand firm, we will see the deliverance of the Lord. (Ex 14:13)