Dave spoke this morning from Philippians 3:12-14 on the forward focus needed in the Christian life. Athletes need that forward focus which includes concentration and dedication to win, but so do we. Salvation is not simply about being rescued from sin; it involves a total transformation. God’s goal is for us to become like Christ and so progress and forward movement are always required on the Christian journey.
It’s easy to live in the past (either dwelling on the hurts and failures which limit us or believing the past was so much rosier than the present.) We must let go of the past and continually pursue Christ, which requires persistence and stamina. We must not be distracted from this aim, reaching forward even into the unknown, pushing forward towards the prize for which Christ has called us.
We can be grateful for the growth we have seen in the past, but need to push on to fresh and new goals. This involves questioning ourselves so that we are prepared to leave behind all that will not serve the purposes of God. Growth may take time, but it is always worth it.