Tonight in our Bible study we looked at Revelation 16, the ‘seven bowls of God’s wrath’. It’s in this chapter that we find reference to the ‘final battle’, ‘Armageddon’, and realise that God’s justice and judgment are finally going to be seen. There are many parallels with the seven trumpet judgments earlier in the book of Revelation, but these were partial, whereas now we see total destruction. We also see clear parallels with the plagues of Egypt, and are reminded once again of what pushes God to this point, namely man’s refusal to repent. Pharaoh hardened his heart and the result was the destruction of Egypt and the deliverance of God’s people. In this chapter, we see people cursing God as the source of the plagues, but still refusing to repent and turn to Him. Heb 3:7-19 reminds us of the dangers of hardening our hearts, and Rev 16:15 urges God’s people to remain alert, awake and fully clothed.
Jesus is coming again and we need to be ready for this day!