Stephen preached from Isaiah 42:1-4 yesterday morning, verses quoted by Jesus in Matthew 12:18-21. Here, we see that God’s King is very different to how we imagine earthly kings to be. Kings are normally thought of as being powerful, valiant, heroic, conquering through force. But Jesus is our Servant King.

His birth at Bethlehem is a reflection of the upside-down world of servanthood which Jesus embraced. He is God’s chosen one in whom He delights – accredited by God, not by pomp, ceremony, circumstances or clothing. His mission is to bring justice to all the earth – something no earthly king has ever managed to achieve. Moreover, He will achieve this through quiet strength: “he will not shout or cry out or raise His voice in the streets.”

God’s way of doing things are very different to the world’s way of working. Jesus will not despise the lowly or hurting: “a bruised reed He will not break, and a smouldering wick He will not snuff out.” He will not falter in His purpose of bringing justice and He will not be discouraged, but will bring true justice and true peace to the world.