Dave spoke from Eph 1:4-5 last night on the theme of redemption – which means to restore something that has been lost. Adam and Eve were created perfect (God said His creation of mankind was ‘very good’), but because of their disobedience, sin entered the world (Rom 5:12) and the perfect relationship with God was lost. Thankfully, He had a rescue plan!

Redemption is entirely of God
2 Cor 5:19 shows how God took the initiative in this plan of redemption. God didn’t abandon mankind but sent His only Son to save us.

Redemption was planned before the creation of the world.

Redemption is no ‘plan B’, no alternative method to ‘fix the mess’. Eph 1:4, Acts 2:23, 1 Cor 2:7, 1 Pet 1:20 and Rev 13:8 are just some indications of the fact that this redemption planned by God was in His mind even before the world was made, even before man had first sinned.

Redemption is a proper, perfect plan

This plan is according to God’s will and was planned for the right time (see Gal 4:4). We may not understand God’s timing, but we can be confident that no power of man or hell will stop God.

The plan is centred on Jesus

Eph 1:10 tells us that all things will be brought together ‘under one head, even Christ’. Salvation is only possible through Christ (John 14:6). From the prophecy in Genesis that the seed of woman would crush Satan’s head to the last book in the Old Testament when we read about the ‘sun of righteousness’ (Mal 4:2-3), the Bible is full of Jesus and all He will do in this great plan of redemption.

The plan is complete in Jesus
The angel proclaimed that this Messiah would be called Jesus, for ‘He will save His people from their sins’ (Matt 1:20-21) Throughout His earthly life, we see Him developing and ministering in the power of God’s Spirit. The Babe of Bethlehem, the child from Nazareth, the teacher and healer was fully human (experiencing tiredness, thirst, hunger, sorrow, anguish, being tempted in every way as we are and yet not sinning) and was able to accomplish our rescue, crying ‘It is finished’ from the Cross. The plan of redemption was completed – a fact proved by His resurrection from the dead.

Our sins, though red as scarlet, have been made white as snow – we are as pure as the most beautiful bride in white. All because of God’s marvellous redemption!