Holidays are good opportunities to pause and reflect on the magnificence of God, often because we have the chance to see different parts of the world and can marvel anew at the wonder and splendour of God’s creation.

The Isle of Man certainly had some very beautiful scenery that helped us to reflect on God as Creator.

The sun glistening on the sea with craggy rocks at the south of the island:

Sulby reservoir, viewed from the hills on a train journey to the summit of Snaefell, tallest mountain on the island

View from the top of Snaefell

View over the Irish Sea from Peel Castle

We really could join with Matt Redman and sing ‘Magnificent’:
You show Your majesty
In every star that shines
And every time we breathe
Your glory, God, revealed
From distant galaxies
To here beneath our skin (Matt Redman, ‘Magnificent’)

Matt Redman, ‘Magnificent’