Last Sunday morning while I was at work (celebrating Jesus at School Sunday at Hope House Church), Stephen preached on Genesis 1, looking at creation, looking at the ‘6 days of perfection’. In this account, we read how God created the heavens and the earth and separated day and night. We read of the creation of water and land, of plants and trees, of the sun, moon and stars. We read of how the water creatures, birds and animals were created and finally, how God created man.

God proclaimed repeatedly that His creation was good. In creation, God provided all that we need and in Him everything is found. Since then, man has lived on this earth with or without God being part of his daily life. Sin marred that original creation, and, as our Bible studies in Romans show, all of creation has been affected by sin (see Genesis 3).

The challenge for us as God’s children is to look to God for our provision. He has promised to supply all our needs and to provide for us, but so often, we look elsewhere. God has given Himself as our first port of call, the first door on which we should knock when we need help. We are still, so to speak, under God’s warranty!

When a product becomes faulty and is still under warranty, we return it to the manufacturer, for the manufacturer still has a responsibility for that product. In some ways, that is the same with us and God (not that our fault reflects badly on God as ‘manufacturer’, since it is the result of our sin, but He still extends grace, forgiveness, healing and restoration to us!)

God has provision and answers for every situation that we face. Let’s turn to Him and allow Him to deliver the ‘first aid’ we so desperately need.