William Carey (1761-1834) was a cobbler who became a missionary to India and one of the most influential men of God this world has seen. Yan used his life as an example to us of someone who lived beyond their limitation, showing how positive expectation, practical preparation and persistent determination were key factors in his achievements.

William Carey is perhaps best known for the quotation ‘Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.’ He is an example of someone who did not let discouragement or the opinions of others affect his fire or zeal for God. He knew God had called him to spread the gospel and prepared thoroughly for this work.  Despite leaving school at the age of twelve, he learnt Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Dutch and Bengali and taught himself many practical skills which became useful to him in his work in India. He persevered there through many personal troubles, including the insanity of his wife, Dorothy, who attacked him on more than one occasion and had to be restrained at times because of her mental health issues. He faced sickness on many occasions and lost his children at young ages. Yet despite all the setbacks and trials, he continued in persistent determination, saying ‘I am just a plodder for God.’

Yet the things William Carey achieved in India were phenomenal. He founded over 100 Christian schools, including the first school for girls in India. He translated the Bible ito 8 languages, built a printing press, opened saving banks and introduced the steam engine to the country. He founded the Baptist Missionary Society, founded a Christian college in India and also the first Agri-Horticultural Society there. He shows us that God honours His promises and can help us to live beyond our limitations if we will trust Him and work with Him.