Tonight at our Little Big Church service, Garry looked at the topic of bread. We thought about food, why we need it, what our favourite foods are, how we swallow it and digest it, and then we all got to taste different kinds of breads (white bread, brown bread, brioche bread, naan and pitta breads.) Garry spoke about the different ingredients and methods used in baking these breads, and we voted on our favourites (the children preferred brioche; the favourite amongst the adults was brown bread.)
Garry then spoke about how Jesus is the bread of life and how we need Him to give us life and energy and how we can digest the Bible (without literally cutting it up to eat it!) He challenged us to read all the Bible, especially the parts which we perhaps don’t like to read or only read rarely. Just as there are many varieties of bread, so there are different styles within the Bible, but all are needed to give us a true understanding of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. As we feed on the word of God, our lives can be enriched and strengthened.
Sweet brioche bread was the children’s favourite!
Adults preferred brown bread:
Naan bread is made with yogurt and pitta bread is like it in being a flat bread: