Stephen spoke on the bank of God tonight – not dealing with money, but with things of far greater value! All of us are welcomed into the bank of God: John 3:16 TNIV shows us that God has made a great investment in our lives, giving His only Son to save us. He has invested so much into our lives, but His bank is not like the world’s, for it is not status-related, credit-determined or income-controlled.

We find it hard to believe that anything can be free these days, but the only condition placed upon us is that we believe (we ‘accept that something is true’.) There are no monthly subscriptions to pay, no annual charges, no standing orders or hidden extras that will impoverish us. We just have to believe and we can move from death to eternal life.

This is the opening statement of our account, which is a current account, relevant to all, however long it is since we first accepted Christ. God’s bank is indeed the bank that keeps on giving! – an even better deal than Santander 123!

In God’s bank, we are given a ‘good deposit’ which is entrusted to us (see 2 Tim 1:13-14 TNIV). God’s investment is in us, and our bank balance is perhaps greater than we realise, for He has given us gifts and talents. Often, we don’t realise what God has given us because we neglect to check on all He is doing, but we have to understand that the Holy Spirit moves in each one of us with investments that are beyond our wildest dreams.

We were urged not to be a ‘rainy day saver’, neglecting or hoarding God’s gifts but using what God has given us now. In God’s bank, there are no credit cards, but He is truly our ‘flexible friend’ who guides us towards great things.