This week is ‘National Volunteers’ Week’. We certainly couldn’t manage one day at GPCC without the volunteers who work so hard to make church a fun experience and so this is an opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU to you all!
Volunteering (like creativity!) has many different faces. Volunteers at GPCC do a wide range of things, including:
* preaching in services
* leading worship in services
* teaching children
* cleaning the building
* serving teas and coffees
* making food for events
* washing up
* making crafts
* running all kinds of crazy activities we decide to do
* keeping the accounts straight
* decorating
* hanging bunting up
* blowing balloons up
* sorting out safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults
* being trustees to keep everything legal and above board
* sorting out the practical/ legal side of running a charity
* sorting out the practical/ legal side of having a building
* praying faithfully for all that we do
* keeping websites and social media updated
* give money to ensure we keep going
We don’t have any full-time paid employees at the church, so volunteering is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that God calls us to serve our community through faith using the practical gifts He has given to us.