We are blessed with a great Parent & Toddler group at GPCC which meets twice weekly in term-time on Wednesdays and Fridays (9-11 a.m.) Last year, we had our first summer outing to Gulliver’s Valley, and this year we are aiming to go to Flamingo Land on 28th July.

The cost of tickets for children aged 4 or above is very high and so we have been fund-raising for some time (and have currently raised £1,147 towards the cost of the trip through coffee mornings, an Easter raffle and a sponsored walk done by Beverley Wassell to Barnsley!) Yesterday, a number of parents, grandparents and children walked from Goldthorpe Park on Doncaster Road to Barnburgh Park in Barnburgh on a ‘Sponsored Toddle’ to raise money for the trip.

Once at the park, they had a good time playing!

Even the adults joined in the fun!

They all got certificates and medals for taking part.

Some of them had a picnic as a reward for all that walking.

Our thanks to Hayley who organised the Sponsored Toddle and to Bev for buying medals for the children. Thanks to all who took part and to all who have sponsored the toddlers. Please note that all sponsor monies need to be handed in by Friday 26th May at the latest so that we can bank money and pay for the Flamingo Land tickets.