Mark preached last night on how Jesus used His eyes, ears and mouth. We began by looking at different artistic impressions of the face of Jesus, a few of which are shown below:

Eyes to see

In John 6:5, Jesus looked up and saw the great crowd coming. He saw the need of the people and met it (by feeding their hunger). Do we see people’s needs?

In Matt 14:14, Jesus saw a great crowd and was moved with compassion. This time, the need was for healing and He healed them.

In Matt 9:2, Jesus saw the faith of the friends who brought a man needing healing to Jesus. What do we see when we look at people?

In Luke 19:1-5, Jesus looked up and saw Zaccheaus. He befriended him and offered him the opportunity to change his life. Do we judge people and condemn them when we see them, or do we offer them friendship and allow them to reach the potential God has put in them?

In John 17:1, Jesus looked up to heaven. His eyes were always fixed on God. Do we look to God for direction?

Mouth to speak

The use of words is always very powerful. Jesus (in Luke 9:1) used words to call disciples. The words he used had power and authority which he conferred on the disciples.

In Mark 4:2, Jesus used words to teach people.

In Luke 9:42, He used words to rebuke an unclean spirit.

In Luke 4: 4, 8, 12,18, Jesus used the word of God to resist temptation.

In John 6:11, Jesus gave thanks to God.

In Luke 11:1-4, He used words to pray.

When we open our mouths, what comes out? Do we speak words of wisdom, authority, thanks, prayer and encouragement or do we speak ‘utter drivel’, discouragement and condemnation?

Ears to hear

In Matt 8:10, Jesus heard the centurion’s words and recognised from these words his faith. He listened to what the man was saying. Listening is a very important skill.

In Matt 20:29-34, Jesus heard the blind men calling Him and He responded to that call by healing them.

In Matt 4:1, Jesus heard the voice of the Spirit calling Him into the wilderness. He always listened for the voice of God. Even in the Garden of Gethsemane, He heard God speaking and recognised that He needed to submit to God’s will.

What do our eyes see? What do our ears hear? What do our mouths say? Let’s be led by the Spirit so that we see, say and hear the right things, led as always by the example of Jesus.