Safeguarding is an important subject for us all: how can we keep safe in life? In particular, how can we keep children and vulnerable adults safe? There are many aspects of safety we could consider. Problems with sexual abuse and churches have featured heavily in the media in recent years, but the subject of safety ranges from having a safe environment for all (which includes very mundane but necessary practices including fire safety, cleaning, regular servicing of equipment and so on), working according to good practice and being accountable in all we do.

The National Safeguarding Week will take place between 15 and 21 November 2021 and will aim to raise this issue and look at ways we can look after each other and help each other to be safe. As part of this, GPCC will be hosting a family fun day on Saturday 20th November (10 a.m. -1 p.m). when we will be looking at what makes us safe in life and how the stories of The Three Little Pigs and The Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builders can help us to live ‘as safe as houses‘!

We’ll be looking at these two stories about the importance of good foundations and good building materials and will have loads of crafts and fun activities for all the family to do. Entry is free and drinks will be provided, plus each family will get a goody bag to help them keep safe in different areas of life!