Every year in Atlanta, a Christian student conference is held at this time of year called Passion. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, this event (attended by approximately 65,000 students aged 18-25 from all around the world) can be watched online as well. The link below takes you to the sessions, which are available to watch for a day or so after they take place.

If you want to see what God is doing in the lives of many young people, want to learn new worship songs, want to hear the word of God being preached by renowned Bible teachers, then this is a great way to participate in something that has touched thousands of lives over many years. It’s always interesting to me to see how God can speak through so many different people on the same themes! As we seek God’s direction and guidance and wisdom in 2013, maybe we can hear His voice speaking to us, even as He speaks to all those students.

Passion 2013 livestream