A party’s not a party without party games. So as usual, Mark kept us on our toes with a variety of party games.

Musical chairs is something we always play, but for the adults, it’s not just a question of finding a chair to sit on when the music stops. Instead, we have to find someone to sit on us as we sit on a chair!

This one had two people sitting on them!

Children’s version:

The men’s version:

We also played charades in teams:

Then we played a game where, if the music stopped and you were on a mat, you were out:

For those that were less agile, a game of Catchphrase/ Pictionary was played.
Being told the catchphrase:

Drawing the catchphrase:

Drawing phrases like ‘under the microscope’, ‘not to be sniffed at’ and ‘a storm in a teacup’ is not always easy!

We also got to celebrate a birthday:

All in all, then, a great start to 2013 and hopefully the first of many such celebrations.