What’s inside is reflected on the outside. We can’t help but show outwardly what’s going on inwardly. Some of us are better at hiding our feelings than others, but in the end, our thoughts, speech and behaviour find a way out!

Every day reveals our heart to others. Do we lie? Slander others? Rage and explode? Do colleagues and family dread being with us because of our volatility or negativity? Is our language coarse or profane?

People’s Facebook pages give us an interesting mirror into the inward, since what is posted there is often a reflection of true feelings (at the time of posting, anyway!)

Paul urges us to live differently (Eph 4:17-32, Col 3:1-17). Each morning we have the choice of what clothes to put on. Paul urges us to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. (Col 3:12) I think of each of these as a garment to put on. Just as I can choose what to wear each morning, I can choose whether I let the new life of Christ shine through or live in the old way.

Clothes are an external covering, an adornment. Ultimately, we can’t live the life of Christ as an add-on extra. His life grows from within, from our union with Him. What’s in our hearts will manifest itself in how we think, speak and behave. So ponder what you’re saying to yourself, saying to others and doing. Ponder what you post on social media before you use it as a platform to rant, criticise and bring others down. Ponder how you’re interacting with others. What’s on the outside reflects what’s on the inside. Only people clothed in Christ can impact the world as Christ did.