There was a variety of news to pass on last night.

Missionary news
Frederick and Reeba are missionaries we support in India. Recently we sent £3500 to them to support the ministries in which they are involved and we have received a ‘Certificate of Partnership’ and letters thanking us for our support. The money has been used to buy 2000 Bibles and also to support a teaching programme that aims to teach women various skills (eg sewing) which will enable them to earn a living. Please continue to pray for their work in India.

Steve & Katuska Davies have arrived safely in Mozambique, where they will be teaching at the Bible college there. Their three sons have started school and their first prayer request is that they will be able to buy a car to help them get around and get to know the area.

Food Bank
Mark updated the church on the food bank we continue to support. People have been donating clothes, bags, shoes and belts which are then taken to a ‘Clothes Exchange’ point and the money from this used to buy food. The last time this was done raised £46.80, which bought a whole trolley-ful of goods to be given to those in need. Great Houghton Methodist Church continues to support us in this and we are currently buying sleeping bags and torches which will be needed when the colder weather comes. The need is great; even people in employment are struggling to make ends meet and the Salvation Army projects in Goldthorpe are helping a vast number of people. Food banks have also been set up in Barnsley and Cudworth, so we are grateful for all that is being done to help needy people. Please keep supporting this project, by giving tinned food, baby food, money to buy goods or old clothing, blankets, bags, and shoes.

Building work
Work on the refurbishment of the kitchen will start this week, so please be aware that there will be labourers in the building over the next three weeks and kitchen cupboards have been cleared to allow this work to go ahead.

We also had a birthday to celebrate: