For our last day, this version is from Straight No Chaser.

The last charity to mention is Adopt-A-Child.

The motto of Adopt-A-Child is ‘changing the world… one child at a time.’ There are a number of charities which seek to help children who are disadvantaged or orphaned and this one works mainly in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Mack and Peggy McKeown founded Living Water Ministries in 1978 and Adopt-A-child was actually born in 1983 when they began feeding children in the poorest regions of Guatemala and asking sponsors to partner with them. Sponsors from across the world send the equivalent of $25 a month or $360 a year to cover the bi-weekly nutritional meals as well as the medical, dental, and spiritual care that is provided for their sponsored children. Many sponsors also correspond regularly with their children and send them extra gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

I have been involved with this charity for a number of years through the school where I work and what is particularly helpful here is the sense of personal involvement that comes from establishing a relationship with a real person! The children in my school are encouraged to write to their sponsored child (Edgar) and they send and receive letters and gifts. What was even more exciting was seeing our previous sponsored child, Hugo, grow up and leave school and get a job, knowing that our donations had helped him to achieve his dreams. In a world where the need sometimes overwhelms us, it is a good reminder that we can make a difference by starting with one action, one gift, one child. We cannot do everything, but we can all do something.