A new album from a much-loved singer/songwriter always evokes that response in me. ‘Oh, joy!’ What truths will be uncovered, clothed in new words, melded into new melodies? What sustenance will come from new songs? What light will be shone on Scripture? What allusions will there be to old hymns and other favourites? If you’ve never been upheld through music, never had light shone in the darkness through the fusion of lyrics and melody, never been picked up from despair, never had fire shot through your soul through music, you may well read this post with a sense of bewilderment. But for anyone who has been encouraged by songs and who has felt their power, you will understand only too well what I am talking about.

Aaron Shust’s new album ‘Morning Rises’ was released today. I always enjoy his music, but also I find him to be an authentic person, facing difficult situations (two of his sons have been seriously ill) with faith and courage. He also has a great sense of humour and reminds me of Mark’s zany ideas at times (if you listen to the interview below, not only does he talk with all seriousness about how God has healed his youngest son, who has Down’s Syndrome, of deafness, but creates worship songs from the most bizarre Bible verses you can imagine – I personally really like ‘Send the bears!’)
Radio interview with Aaron Shust

You can listen to some of the album’s new songs through the links below:
“I will trust in only You
For You will bring the victory
All Your promises are true
It doesn’t matter what I see.” (Deliver Me’, Aaron Shust)

‘Deliver Me’, Aaron Shust

“He won’t abandon
He won’t deceive
He won’t desert us
He won’t ever leave
He’ll never forsake us
He won’t ever run
He’ll never reject us
The faithful One.” (‘Mighty Fortress’, Aaron Shust)

‘Mighty Fortress’, Aaron Shust

“In a dry and thirsty land
You are the Water, You are the Water
When I’m on my knees again
Yours is the power, Yours is the power
When the battle weakens me,
You will be my victory.
You supply my every need, You supply my every need.”

‘Satisfy’, Aaron Shust