Tonight was the first family service of 2014, looking at the theme of old and new. Tony organised a Bible quiz on (fairly obscure) facts from the Old and New Testament!

With willing helpers to decide whose hand went up first, we tackled twenty questions:

To give a flavour of the questions:
1. How old was Abraham when his first son was born?
2. What unusual judgment did Elisha bring down on the youths who insulted him?
3. Whose name means ‘child of the right hand’?
4. Who died after falling from a chair?

1. 86
2. Bears came and mauled the 42 youths who had called him bald
3. Benjamin
4. Eli

Much to his utter delight, Garry won the quiz on a tie-breaker (perhaps a necessary victory since he is now the pastor!):

We also had a birthday to celebrate: