Garry and I spent the last two days in London attending the Worship Central Conference, led by Tim Hughes and others from the Worship Central team. It was held in the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster (location for the first meeting of the United Nations, an interesting little fact that might come into some pub quiz trivia!), a beautiful location in the heart of Westminster:
Westminster Central Hall:

Houses of Parliament:

Westminster Abbey, by day and by night:

Over four sessions and four workshops, we learned more about the importance and centrality of worship in our lives and in our communities and enjoyed the experience of learning amongst so many Christians from a whole range of denominations (the conference was attended by 2000 people from over 30 different countries). Key note sessions were led by Tim Hughes (who spoke from 2 Chronicles 20 on the centrality of worship in the battles we face in life), Alan Scott from Northern Ireland (who spoke from Psalm 8 and Revelation 1) and Pete Greig (from the 24/7 Prayer Movement) who spoke from Isaiah 6. I’ll give more details on these later on!