Mr & Mrs was a TV show hosted by Derek Baley, where couples had to answer multiple choice questions about each other. Six out of six correct answers earned the couple a jackpot prize. Questions were fairly bland (asking whether you always, sometimes or never had serviettes with a meal, for example) and the theme tune incredibly cheesy.

To celebrate Dave and Joan’s Golden Wedding, we subjected them to a Mr & Mrs style quiz last night (though there were, sadly, no jackpot prizes to be won!) Questions ranged from their favourite colours (a bit of a trick question, since Dave is colour blind..!) to where they first met (the Embassy Dance Hall in Wakefield), to Dave’s favourite drink (ginger beer according to Joan, coffee according to Dave) to more serious topics such as the key to a successful marriage (good communication, according to Joan; Joan, according to Dave!)

Many thanks to Dave and Joan for being willing to answer the questions, but most of all, for showing us on a regular basis that marriage can be successful and fun and for modelling to us as a congregation what Christian marriage can look like. In an age where marriage is under increasing pressure in our Western society, it is good to celebrate God’s gift of marriage and to understand some of the Biblical principles and guidelines to a successful marriage. After all, marriage is also a symbol of the union between Christ and the church and last night we sang of this in the song ‘Beautiful’:
“When we arrive at eternity’s shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more,
We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring,
Your bride will come together and sing,
‘You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.’ ” (Phil Wickham, ‘Beautiful’)