Steve Davies, a missionary with One Mission Society who has been working in Ecuador but who hopes to go out to teach in a Bible college in Mozambique from July, was involved in the evening service last night. He spoke from Is 52:1-10 and Romans 10 about the call to mission and the need for us all to respond to that call, but he also spoke about how God is the one who restores and delivers His people and how he and his family came to be where they are today.

Steve’s wife, Katuska, is from Ecuador:

Steve himself is from Coventry:

They met while at Bible college (which was originally in Berwick-on-Tweed, but which then moved to Glasgow):

They now have three children: Samuel, Benjamin & Joseph.

They were involved in teaching at a Bible college in Ecuador, where they had the joy of seeing people come to the Lord:

Their next goal is Mozambique:

They will be involved in church planting:

They will also be involved in theological education and discipleship at the Maputo Bible Seminary:

Steve and Katuska work with OMS (One Mission Society) and are looking to raise support to leave for Mozambique this July. They need both prayer support and financial support. God is the One who calls us, equips us and provides for us, but it’s important to remember that we can all be a part of His work as we serve Him in whatever ways we can!