There is a nursery rhyme which goes ‘Mary had a little lamb’... and the truth is that this saying applies to Christmas. Dave spoke tonight from Matthew 1:18-25, the passage which shows us Joseph’s reaction to the astonishing news Mary brought him about a miraculous conception. He initially thought that she must have been unfaithful to him, but the angel reassured him that the child to be born was indeed of God, a child with a mission to save, a child with a mission to be the Lamb of God.
This lamb was special in different ways. He had a special conception (fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy of a virgin birth), was special in what He would do (performing miracles, healings, even raising the dead, and feeding multitudes.) He was also special in what He said and how He lived wholly to please God (see John 8:29)
The claims this Lamb made were special (and also offensive, since He claimed to be the Son of God, with a special relationship with His Father; see John 10:30) He was, of course, a special sacrificial lamb who came to die for our sins. He was a willing, submissive lamb.
But for all His meekness and submission, this Lamb was powerful, for He died and rose again. He has power to save, can remove sin (1 John 3:7) and can change our deceitful hearts into hearts that are softeneed and responsive to God, making us new creations in Him. (2 Cor 5:17) He also has power to secure, for John 10:28 reminds us that no one can be snatched from His hand.
Christmas is all about God coming to us so that we could come to Him. Will you come?