This is a poem written by one of our church members, Gemma (and shared with her permission):

Life seems somewhat different behind my closed house doors.

With fear at the heart of everyone, not knowing what’s to come.

Life can be dark and lonely, but I know my Saviour’s love.

Though the battle is in full swing,

And we fight what we can’t see,

We know our God is faithful

And He will never flee.

With faith as small as mustard seeds,

We (digitally) come together to pray,

With words of encouragement that in our hearts will stay.

With people at a distance, we’ve never been so close.

It makes our hearts grow stronger while we are fighting away this ghost.

Our world may seem in pieces,

But our God’s forever strong,

Guiding us through these dark days,

Filling our hearts with song.

Sorrow may try to hold us, but will never keep us down

As night will turn back to day,

We know God has gifted us a crown.

Be blessed with joy and faith,

Knowing God is all in all,

Keeping tight hold of you,

He will never let you fall.