How do we learn? So often, there are different ways of learning: by listening, by reading, by doing. We try to incorporate different ways of learning for children so that God’s word finds a home in their hearts.

We have made and painted salt-dough bread to remind us that Jesus is the bread of life and made a gate out of lollipop sticks to reinforce that truth. We made cotton wool sheep to go in a sheep pen and made a paper vine with grapes to remind us of that truth! A paper plate grave with the stone rolled away reminded us of the truth of the resurrection and we used maps and mazes to help us see that Jesus is the way to God. Tea lights in glass jars reminded us of the truth that Jesus is the light of the world; glow sticks were another reminder of this truth.


Colouring pictures, mazes, wordsearches, videos, games and songs are all ways we can teach God’s word in age-appropriate ways. We believe that God’s word is an anchor for our lives and that children need to learn the truths of God’s word from a young age. Over the next few weeks, in addition to preparing for our ‘Boogie-Woogie’ Nativity on 18th December, we will be looking at many of the other names for Jesus in the Bible, each of which brings us closer to a more balanced understanding of who Jesus is.

Please pray for the children who attend our services, for Julie and Stephen as they teach them Biblical truths each week, and for parents who have the ongoing responsibility of bringing their children up to know the Lord. We are all part of God’s wider family and have the joy of passing on the baton of faith to each new generation.