Last night the family service rather unoriginally took the theme of the Jubilee!

We had a variety of Jubilee prizes on offer:

We had a game called ‘Pin the Crown on the Queen’, using amazing resources painstakingly produced by a friend of mine (thanks, Sam!)

We also had a Jubilee Quiz, featuring questions about the Queen’s 60 year reign:

Despite the puzzled looks, this was the winning team, scoring an impressive 22/25 (though the other team did point out, rather unflatteringly perhaps, that this was not surprising given the average age of the team!)

We sang the children’s song ‘Love is the flag flying high’ and waved flags during this, remembering the King of Kings as well as the British Queen!

The children continued the royal theme by making crowns, ably helped by Tony. (Thanks to all these amazing creative people!)

Even our youngest member was in on the act!

After the service, we had refreshments on the Jubilee theme:

For all those away on holiday, you missed a royal treat!