Christmas carols are an integral part of the Christmas season, but it can be hard for children sometimes to understand the vocabulary in them or what they are trying to teach. The classic carol ‘Joy To The World’ contains some important truths about salvation, and after listening to this version by Pentatonix, we looked at what this carol has to say about Jesus, reminding ourselves that truth really matters and that it’s important not only to sing, but to sing truth! (see Eph 5:18-20)

In verse 1, we are reminded that Jesus brings joy to the world (see John 15:11) – no wonder Christmas is seen as a time of celebration! Everyone gets excited when a baby is born, but when Jesus was born, this was an extra special time. Earth was receiving her King! Yet, as Luke 2:7 makes plain, there was no fanfare or preparation for this king’s visit; instead, there was no room for Him in Bethlehem. Now we are challenged to make room for Jesus: ‘let every heart prepare Him room.’

In verses 2 and 3, there is singing because ‘the Saviour reigns.’ The very name of Jesus means ‘the Lord saves’ (see Matt 1:21). The truth is that we all need a Saviour, a rescuer, a delivere,r because of the problem of sin, and we can be glad that Jesus saves and is reigning in both truth and grace. We need both. We can sing also because of ‘the glories of His righteousness’ – God always does what is right. The whole earth can sing because of these truths and we can rest also in ‘the wonders of His love.’ Sometimes, the repetition in song lyrics is vital to reinforce truth in our hearts. Nothing could be more wondrous than the love of God.

During this busy period of Advent, we should spend time singing songs that are built on truth (and not just those which paint an idyllic picture which is perhaps impossible to attain) and understand that preparing room for Jesus is the most important thing we can do to prepare for this season.