The second Sunday in Advent focuses on peace and Dave spoke this morning from John 14:27-29. Jesus spoke to His disciples promising to give them His peace. Even though the crucifixion lay immediately ahead of Him, Jesus could still speak of (and demonstrate) peace. He knew peace in the midst of turmoil, and because of this promise, we can know calm and assurance even when life is troubled.

Peace (Hebrew ‘Shalom’) indicates wholeness and satisfaction as well as the absence of hostilities. We have hope and assurance of peace because of who God is; we know that nothing can separate us from His love. The gifts He gives us are effective and eternal, so even in the midst of really difficult circumstances, we can know His peace. God is unchanging and unchangeable and therefore the peace He gives is both lasting and enduring. At this time when we remember the names of Jesus, we focus on the fact that He is the ‘prince of peace’ (Isaiah 9:6). Because of this, we can be the recipients of His peace.