This morning we held a joint service with Furlong Road Methodist Church at Bolton-on-Dearne.

Along with hymns of thanksgiving and children’s songs, we were challenged to think of which fruit or vegetable we’d like to be and why. Here are some of the suggestions:
* “I’d like to be a cabbage so I could roll around all day!”
* “I’d be a pineapple because I’m exotic, sometimes prickly on the outside but tangy to the taste.”
* “I’d be a cucumber because I like eating cucumbers!”
* “I’d be a banana because it’s good for you.”
* “I’d be a sprout so no one would eat me.”

Mark’s sermon looked at God’s faithfulness (Gen 8:22) and at the fruit we are to grow in our lives as Christians (Gal 5:22-23). Love, joy & peace are the first fruits mentioned in the list – quite the opposite of the hate, misery and discontent in the world. God wants us also to develop long-suffering or patience, kindness (“the ability to act for the welfare of those taxing your patience”) and goodness – fruit that has an effect on other people. Our Christian conduct should also include faithfulness (being loyal, dependable, trustworthy, reliable, not changing your attitudes every day), gentleness (‘having a disposition that is unpretentious, balanced and a strength under control’) and self-control (being in control of our emotions, thoughts, actions and bodies.) These fruit are developed in us as we read God’s Word, pray, worship and fellowship together.

Gifts of food and produce were given during the service; these will be distributed to those in need served by the Lighthouse Project (