This morning Garry spoke from Genesis 49:1-2, 8-12 about the Messianic prophecy given by Jacob. To prophesy is to speak for God (see Numbers 23:11-12) and in these verses, Jacob speaks of how the blessing of Judah will include the Messiah to come.
God turns situations around, even turning defeat into victory, as we see at the cross. Phil Wickham reminds us that ‘Friday’s good ’cause Sunday is coming’, and these prophetic promises of the Messiah sustained God’s people throughout the ages. Gen 3:15 and Deut 18:15 both act as references, and Jacob, the great schemer, is now given the privilege of speaking of the future Messiah. He prophesied about the Messiah’s victory (see Col 2:13-15 for the fulfilment of this prophecy) and how the kingly line would come through Judah. He spoke about the Messiah as Lion (see Rev 5:5-6) and ruler (over all the earth and not just Israel, as Acts 1:7-8 makes plain.)
Even in the darkest times, even in times of apparent defeat, God can speak hope. Jacob stood at the start of God’s plan. We stand today in the middle, sharing Communion and looking back and forward. We will all stand at the end, sharing what God has planned and accomplished through His chosen One, The Messiah.