The phrase ‘it’s a dead cert’ is a horse-racing term meaning something is sure and certain, perhaps even a foregone conclusion. It seems an odd phrase, for ‘dead’ generally has negative connotations and ‘cert’ (‘certainty’) is a positive word. There are a number of things which as Christians are ‘dead certs’, however, which Stephen focussed on tonight:

  1. Being God’s children and accepted and adopted into His family (Rom 8:16)
  2. God’s abiding love (Rom 8:39). The world’s understanding of love is very fickle (people talk of ‘falling in’ love and ‘falling out’ of love as though love were something transient, whereas God’s love is everlasting, immeasurable and unfathomable.
  3. Eternal life (1 Jn 5:13). Those who believe in the name of the Son of God can know (have assurance of) eternal life.
  4. Calling (2 Pet 1:10). Christ has a plan and purpose for each one of us. Sometimes we feel uncertain about this calling or plan, but God is able to lead us and guide us: we need to seek Him for that plan. For those of us who feel we know God’s calling, Stephen urged us to move forward boldly, secure that God is with us.
  5. Our heavenly inheritance (Heb 6:11). There are great rewards and benefits ahead for God’s people, but we are urged to show diligence to the end in order to make our hope sure.
  6. A crown of righteousness (2 Tim 4:8). The birth of a royal prince in the UK recently reminds us that Prince Louis of Cambridge is fifth in line to the throne. Through faith in Christ, each believer can be sure there is a crown of righteousness waiting for us.
  7. Seeing the Lord (1 John 3:2).We are promised that we will see Him one day.

All these ‘dead certs’ are for those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Deliverer. The key to receiving these blessings is faith in Christ.