The Christmas story is all about God interrupting people. He sent angels to interrupt and disrupt ordinary lives: first of all, Zechariah in the temple (taking so long to perform his duties as a result that people wondered what was going on!), then Mary (given the life-changing news that the Holy Spirit would come upon her and she would become pregnant), then Joseph (assuring him that this crazy story was actually true), then the shepherds (disrupted from their job of looking after sheep by the angels’ appearance.) Interruptions were the way God chose to bring good news to the world.

Many of us can’t stand the thought of interruptions. Our lives are so finely tuned that even a minute’s delay can cause the carefully constructed tower of activities to come tumbling down! But interruptions are an inevitable part of life, and if this is the way God chooses to speak to us and direct us, we need to be prepared to be interrupted.

The unexpected phone call, the knock on the door from a friend you haven’t seen in ages, the chance meeting in the street which delays your shopping… these might be all ways that God interrupts you today. Don’t let interruptions get you down. They might be divine ways of communicating with you!