Igor has been on holiday and he has had a really good time! To get us into the spirit of things for tonight’s family service, looking at the topic of holidays under the theme ‘Home and Away’, Igor has been exploring ‘away’ places on the Isle of Man!

Igor in his holiday cottage (Amagary) in Glen Roy, near Laxey:

Igor at church in Onchan:

Where’s Igor? Murraugh Park in Ramsey!

Looking out at the boats:

Trying the boating life:

Igor exploring Groudle Glen:

Travelling on the Groudle Glen railway:

Reaching the summit:

At the northern most point of the Isle of Man:

In the pit of pebbles:

Surfing in the Irish sea, iguana style!

At the southern most point of the Isle of Man, looking out to Kitterland and the Calf of Man: