Garry was not the only one with a birthday this week. Many of you may remember that Igor was his birthday present from Mark last year, so technically, yesterday was also Igor’s birthday! (see Joy? if you want the back history as to why the pastor of our church bought one of his leadership team a plastic iguana as a birthday present!)

Igor was taken to Oxford with us this week to celebrate his birthday in style! Our friend, clearly reciprocating our kindness in singing to her on her birthday at church, arranged for a birthday pain au chocolat with candle to be brought to Garry’s breakfast table so that we could sing, and Igor was also present (possibly the first time in the history of Keble College that an iguana has been on High Table!)

Igor is clearly used to Keble and enjoyed various views of the college:
on a bench in Pusey Quad:

view from Pusey Quad, including the clock:

on a bench in Liddon Quad (clearly the rose between all the thorns…!)

view of Liddon Quad from the opposite side:

Igor in our room with all Garry’s other birthday presents (including a guitar hero from Mark this year!):

Igor enjoying lunch in the ‘Rose and Crown’:

Punting is a typical Oxford pursuit and Igor enjoyed that too: