In Mark’s sermon we learnt about Wilson ‘Snowflake’ Bentley, an amazing photographer who was the first person to photograph individual snowflakes using an adaptation of a microscope to take photographs from underneath the snow. In 1885 he produced the first photograph of a snow crystal and discovered that no two snowflakes are identical. In 1931, his book ‘Snow Crystals’ was published, featuring over 2400 photographs:

The uniqueness of snowflakes makes us wonder at God’s creative power. He is the One who says to the snow ‘fall on the earth’ (Job 37:6) and who knows about the storehouses of the snow (Job 38:22). What is more amazing, though, is how He can wash us whiter than snow. David talks about this kind of cleansing in Psalm 51:7 (a cleansing that is more like a scrubbing than a simple wash!) We need God to remove the sin stains from our lives. Only He can wash us clean.

Isaiah spoke about this in Is 1:18: “Thought your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are crimson, they shall be like wool.”

Mark showed us red water:

Jesus was born to solve the world’s sin problem. The cost of our cleansing was the blood of Jesus. Our sins were put on Jesus so that He could totally remove our sins. When we come to know Him as Saviour, the wall of sin is destroyed so that we can enter into a relationship with God. Mark challenged us all to be sure that our sins were forgiven. There is no need to carry our sins anymore!